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©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer Josie

"Without the studio, however humble, the room where the imagination can enter cannot exist." --  Anna Hansen

Welcome to my studio!  It isn't glamorous.  There aren't big floor to ceiling windows with northern exposure or great freight elevators on which to load giant canvases.  It is in the basement of my house with low ceilings and little natural light, but it's mine.  All mine.

A constant presence in the space are my dogs.  That's Josie.  She loves to lay near my feet, or better yet, on my shoulders as I work.  Seriously.  This dog thinks she's a cat.  She loves yarn and all shiny things.  If I'm not careful, she'll grab my yarn and run off with it, trailing a giant web behind her.  It's a good thing she's so darn cute....

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer studio 4
Most of my yarn is stored in this closet where you will find my finished work and other surprises.  I'm a pack rat and occasionally forget what I have or where I've put it.  

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer closet
Most of my bead collection is stored in Uncle Joe's dental cabinet.  He was a dentist back in the early 
1900's.  The cabinet still smells faintly of camphor.

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer dental cabinet of beads
Beads that don't fit in the drawers are stored on top or in the windowsill opposite.

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer beads
©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer and more beads
As you can imagine, I have an extensive stash of knitting needles.

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer knitting needles
The vintage decoration covered in silk flowers was something my Gam made many years ago.  She delivered it to family and friends sick in the hospital with a bounty of lollipops tucked into it.  I became the recipient of it when 7 and still find it a cheerful sight.

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer loom
I know this looks like a bookshelf, but it's actually my loom, an AVL 16 harness dobby.  Anyone interested in purchasing it, let me know.  I'll make ya a deal.  I haven't used it in years and simply don't have room to fully extend it and still have space to work at my sewing machine.  

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer sewing machine
And as often happens, my daughter comes for a visit.  The dogs are off for their afternoon constitutional.  The blond fuzz is Jack.  

©2009 Lindsay Obermeyer dogs with Em

Well, I hope you've enjoyed your visit.  Stop back any time.  



I did enjoy the visit!
And, wowwwwww and I thought I had too many beads ... I'm glad to see this is not the case ( which means I can get some more! haha).
Love the cabinet and the needle collection Lovely picture of Emily and the dogs! I'll try to take some pics of my beads (but I need to tidy up the area first !).


Any excuse to buy beads, yarn, or chocolate is fine by me.... ;-D


What a fabulous studio!


we all need a space to create and yours looks wonderful - I like the cosy armchair! But best of all I love all those beads!!!! makes my tiny stash look meagre!
enjoy your time there - and cute dogs too!

Sherry Scheitel

What a wonderful, bright, creative world you have! Thanks for the view of your world.

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