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Textile / Yarny Arts Round Up from CHA 2014 Mega Show

Getting Crafty at the CHA 2014 Mega Trade Show

Lindsay Obermeyer CHA2014 Charity Wings Live at CHA

Creativity is the marriage humanity makes with eternity.  —  Eric Maisel

I got back this weekend from the CHA 2014 Mega Show.  HOLY CRAFT!  I am on such crafty overload, I had to take the weekend off to just reflect on all I saw and tried out. 

The annual trade show is run by the Craft and Hobby Association of which I am a designer member.  This year I had less time to walk the show’s floor as I was busy demoing for different companies.  I had a fabulous time with Sally Lynn MacDonald over at the Charity Wings Live at CHA booth. We were given just 8 minutes to select a handful of supplies from a mystery bag and make a finished project. The whole thing was also videotaped live on the Internet.  Eeek!  Well anyway, it was a pleasure to meet Sally and our efforts went to supporting Charity Wings, a fabulous maker space / art center in San Marcos, CA.

  Lindsay Obermeyer Jonathan Fong Smoothfoam    Lindsay Obermeyer CHA2014 Sizzix Operation Write Home

I have to admit that until the show I had never worked with Craft Attitude, a fabulous product that allows you to print out your own images and adhere them to just about anything.  Well, wouldn’t you know that the project I was assigned to teach for Smoothfoam used Craft Attitude!  To make matters more embarrassing, the one and only Jonathan Fong of Style with Smile was there.  He is the brand spokesperson / designer for Craft Attitude.  I loved meeting Jonathan. If you haven’t seen his show you must.  He is totally funny.  I’m also now addicted to Craft Attitude, so get ready for some future posts featuring it. (The Halloween project featured in the photo is by Theresa Cifali and was one of the Smoothfoam / Craft Attitude displays.  Cute!

Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-Sizzix-Metal-Embossing   Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-Sizzix-Mixed-Media-Metal-Embossing

I’ve been using my own die cutter for fabrics and paper, but embossing foils takes it to a whole new level.  I’m reminded of the tin ceilings so common in the older buildings of Chicago.  You could make your own backsplash in the kitchen!  Of course, being the girly girl I am with a love of vintage, I adore these little vignettes with birds in their booth.

Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-Sizzix-Birds  Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-Sizzix-Bird
Every year I try to systematic in my approach to the show.  i get my floor map and mark companies I want to visit, but I inevitably get sidetracked which admittedly is half the fun.  

Beadwork, specifically bead embroidery, being my first passion. I spent a few hours over in the Bead Pavilion where all the bead and jewelry companies were located. Bead weaving is hot!  (And when was it not?!) Several companies were featuring new looms.  I want one! I want one!  Look at all the beautiful jewelry you can make with it.  The friendship bracelet trend has matured as you can see with these knotted and plaited bead bracelets. They were made on this foam board from Beadsmith. I’ve been working with beads for 30 years (eek!), so I didn’t think there was much new to be seen in the way of beads.  Bead still my heart, neon beads that glow in a black light.  The costumer in me sees so many possibilities with these cool beads.  Clubbers will love them too!

Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-BeadSmith-Braid-Bead-Jewelry copy  Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-BeadSmith-Braid-Board

Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-BeadSmith-Bead-Weaving copy     Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-Neon-Beads

The Plaid booth always inspires and this year was no exception.  I don’t know how I missed their Gallery Glass paints at previous shows, but wow.  I mean wow.  You can paint straight onto a window to create fantastic stained glass effects.  This product is perfect for apartment dwellers whose windows overlook a wall or another apartment.  Best part, the product just peels away!  It’s not new, but new to me and the display was stunning.  Don’t you agree! And the mason jar votive project is one I am certainly doing to add a dash of color to my deck this summer!

  Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-Plaid-Faux-Stained-Glass    Lindsay-Obermeyer-CHA2014-Plaid-Garden-Lanterns

As there was so much to see, I will be featuring the textile art treasures I found from Authentic Knitting Board, Lion Brand and more in my next post.

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