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Mother's Day Blog Hop with Craft Attitude


Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown

Mom passed away 5 years ago, so Mother' s Day is not about brunch and flowers, but a time to take stock of all my mother taught me.  So for this project, I wanted to frame a photo I recntly found of myself at awise and energetic two.  I wanted the wood matt tob e filled with all that  she taught me. yet still retain the teture of the wood. Craft Attitude makes this ridiculousely easy!  I simply typed out my text on the computer and printed it out on the Wood Attitutde film as I was going to adhere it to the wood section of the frame.  As I was gong to pint in boldface, I was expecting some smearing.  There was none!  The film somehow magically holds or absorbs the ink!

For this project You will need:

A package of Wood Attitutde
a 5x7 frame (mine is fom Target)
lue sick, wwhich comes coneienly with the film 
xacto knife
bonefolder (optional)

Let's create (with attitude)!


For a 5x7 frame I printed out the text verically/ portrait style. i added glue to the wood section of the frame.  Have fun with the type.  I wantd mine to be fairly simple, so just two fonts wih one boldafaced. It all depends on your omputer skills.  

I pulled away the film which is supeer easy to do.  Thank you Craft Atitude!  I centered the film over the rfame and pushed it down, smoothing out all air bubbles. HINT! To get into tight cormers I used a bone folder.


Once the film was smoothed into place, I trimmed the excess with an xacto knitfe.


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Heather Thompson

I am sorry about you mother, Time does not heal all wounds, There are bumps in the road, life events, triumphs and failures that you wish she was there to hold your hand, lend a shoulder or get a hug. She molded who you are, Mother's day is a special day to celebrate that wonderful sculptor. This project captured it. Thank you for this wonderful share.


Thank you Heather for your note. The idea came from a post I read on Facebook in which a friend made a list of all she learned from he mother on her mother's birthday. Her mom had also passed. I thought it as such a lovely idea, that I wanted to make a object with it. Mom's are sculptors, nice way of thinking of it.


Very touching Lindsay and a tribute to you and your Mom.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful project.


Lindsay I love your frame... Sorry to hear about your mother, they are very special. This is a great way to honor your mom. Thanks for sharing!

Jean Moore

What a lovely tribute. And wonderful project for us all to see. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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