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April 24, 2014


Heather Thompson

I am sorry about you mother, Time does not heal all wounds, There are bumps in the road, life events, triumphs and failures that you wish she was there to hold your hand, lend a shoulder or get a hug. She molded who you are, Mother's day is a special day to celebrate that wonderful sculptor. This project captured it. Thank you for this wonderful share.


Thank you Heather for your note. The idea came from a post I read on Facebook in which a friend made a list of all she learned from he mother on her mother's birthday. Her mom had also passed. I thought it as such a lovely idea, that I wanted to make a object with it. Mom's are sculptors, nice way of thinking of it.


Very touching Lindsay and a tribute to you and your Mom.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful project.


Lindsay I love your frame... Sorry to hear about your mother, they are very special. This is a great way to honor your mom. Thanks for sharing!

Jean Moore

What a lovely tribute. And wonderful project for us all to see. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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