vivaloom : a new knitting loom and board pattern website!


“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either.”   --  Elizabeth Zimmerman

I am excited to introduce Vivaloom, a new resource for all you loom and board knitters!  Launched this week, it features five patterns designed by me with many more to come and dozens more by other designers noted in the field.

While I've been knitting for 38 years, it's only been within the past seven that I've been using knitting boards and looms.  Why do I love working with them?

  • I can quickly create fully reversible fabrics with ease.
  • Color knitting is simplified.  No more tangled bobbins!
  • When I don't want to bother with double pointed knitting needles, I use a sock loom.
  • It's easy on the wrists and elbows.  Looms and boards are my tools of choice when teaching those with arthritis or when my own body needs a change.
  • Since I started my community piece The Red Thread Project®, I have taught over 2,000 children how to knit using looms and boards.  Most will pick up the basic techniques in under an hour and have the satisfaction of knitting a hat within 3 hours.

Bow Bag 3a

If you haven't given a loom or board a try, it's high time you did.  You will quickly find yourself addicted.