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  ©Gina T. Alvarez Soso3

St. Louis artist Gina T. Alvarez strives to achieve a sense of wonder in her work.  Each piece is a labor of love, filled with exacting manipulations of form and material.  The miniature becomes massive.  The massive remains small.  With her installations one is pulled back and forth between the details and the whole.   

I first met Gina at the St. Louis Artists' Guild where we worked together on The Red Thread Project.   She refuses to use generic labels to define her art.  We had a rousing discussion about feminism which I am still pondering.   As she states on her website:

    ... With studied intention I am motivated to provoke an inability in viewers to name what they are     seeing, hopefully creating something that is ultimately transcending of material, idea and form. The     best result for me is a work that surpasses any preconceived idea of what it is or what it was supposed to be. A trope so to speak, Wonderment.

We are fortunate in Chicago as her work will be on exhibit at the upcoming art fair Next, April 29 - May 3.  Be sure to look for it!  


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