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Ribbon and Sequin Lavender Sachet

©2012 Lindsay Obermeyer Ribbon Sachet

"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected." -- William Plomer

I love lavender sachets.  You will find one stashed in every drawer of my house, let alone in each yarn bin of my craft closet.  They smell wonderful and are a natural alternative to moth balls.  

Laura Foster Nicholson's Cake ribbon  was the inspiration for my latest.  This is a great afternoon project.  Make one for yourself and another for a friend


1 foot                   Laura Foster Nicholson's Cake Ribbon

1 fat quarter     linen or a 24-28 count evenweave cross stitch fabric

1 foot                   1/4" ribbon (I used a vintage pink ribbon from my stash.)

1  package          sequins  (These are a matte finish with a pearlescent coating)

1 bottle               Aleene's® Jewel-It Embellishing glue

1 spool                thread to match 1/4" ribbon

1 spool                thread to match fabric

1 ounce               dried lavender 

1                             rotary cutter

1                             rotary matt

1                             metal ruler

1 pr                       scissors

1                            sewing needle

1 foot                   tin foil

4-5                       pins

sewing machine


Measure and cut two 4 3/4" squares of linen using your ruler, rotary cutter and rotary matt.

Cut your favorite "cake" motif from the ribbon.  This square is roughly 2" x 2" in size.

Pin the ribbon to the center of one piece of linen.

Machine sew it into place using a straight stitch and only 1/8" seam allowance using the thread to match your 1/4" ribbon. Remove pins.

Place the  1/4" ribbon around the edge of the "cake" ribbon covering up your machine stitches.  Pin the border into place, carefully tucking under the ends.

Cut an arm length piece of the same sewing thread.  Thread your needle and knot the end.

Hand stitch the 1/4" ribbon into place with a small running stitch.  You can machine sew it, but I love the look of hand embroidery.


Cover your work surface with tin foil.  Pour a few sequins onto the foil.  Place the embroidered ribbon front of your sachet face up onto the foil and proceed to make small dots of glue around the center image.  

Place one sequin onto each dot of glue.  If you are having trouble picking up the sequins, try tweezers.

Allow to dry.

Once dry, remove the foil from your work surface.  Pin together both squares of linen, face side inward.

Using the straight stitch, machine sew around the edge of your sachet with a 1/4" seam allowance. Be careful to leave a 1" gap at the bottom edge that you don't stitch.

Cut the corners close to the edge of your stitched line.

Turn the fabric rightside out finger pressing the seams flat.

Fill the sachet with lavender.  I found it easier using a spoon rather than a funnel of any kind.

Hand stitch the gap closed using the ladder stitch.

Ribbonsachet6    Ribbonsachet4

Front                                                            Back

Your sachet will retain its scent for 2-3 years before needing to be replenished. Enjoy!



oh, nice, Lindsay! I love the sequins.

Lindsay Obermeyer

Thanks, Laura!

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