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Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop: Felt Hearts Valentine Decoration


"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet." -- Plato 

These easy to stitch felt hearts declare your love to all who see it.  

You will need:
4   9" x 12" sheets of craft felt in 3 shades of pink (You will need 2 sheets for the largest heart.)
6   colors of your choice of stranded embroidery floss 
1    yd of pink 3/8" wide grosgrain ribbon
Aleene's ® Turbo Tacky Glue
pillow fiber polyfill
embroidery needle
tapestry needle
Hearts paper pattern 

 Let's create!

 1.  Cut out the three felt hearts.
Line up 2 sheets of one color.  Pin in place the paper patern and proceed to cut out the largest heart. Take the next color of felt.  Fold it in half.  Pin the heart pattern in place and cut out the next heart. Repeat this procedure for the final heart.


2.  Stitch the large heart.
Cut a 12" length of ribbon.  Fold it in half, tuck it inside the top of the heart and pin it in place.  Cut a 4" length of ribbon, tuck it inside the bottom of the heart and pin it in place.  Cut an arm's length of embroidery floss, thread the needle and tie a knot at the end.  Stitch the heart together using a back stitch approximately an 1/8" from the edge of the heart. Don't forget to stitch the ribbon firmly in place! Leave a 1" gap before stitching the heart closed to stuff it with fiberfill.

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Hearts  © 2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Hearts3  ©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer felt hearts  ©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Felt Hearts

3.  Use this knotting trick to place your knot exactly where you want it.
Start the knot, but before pulling it tight, place your needle in the center against the fabric.  When you tighten the knot, it will slide down the needle and lay neatly where you want it.  

4.  Embroider a second color through the initial back stitch base.
With a tapestry needle embroider with a second color using threaded back stitch technique.


5.  Proceed to the second heart.
Tuck the ribbon attached to the bottom of the largest heart and pin it into place at the top of the second heart.  Cut another 4" piece of ribbon and tuck it into the bottom of the second heart and pin it into place. Embroider and stuff as with the large heart.

6. Proceed to the final heart.
Tuck the ribbon attached to the bottom of the second heart and pin it into place at the top of the final heart.  Embroider and stuff as with the other two hearts.  

7.  Finish with a ribbon bow.
Use the rest of the ribbon to make a bow. Evenly trim the ends on an angle.  Glue into place.  Allow to dry.  Hang your masterpiece from a hook.

Variations:  Add some dried lavender along with the fiberfill for a fresh scent and hang it in your bedroom.  For a 4th of July variation, use red, white and blue felt and matching threads.   

For more ideas on ways to declare your love, checkout the work in the Designer Crafts Connection webring wherever you see this logo.

Each blog in the hop is written by a designer associated with the Craft and Hobby Assocition.  We each have unique styles, so be sure to hop through to see what each is doing with this month's theme!


lisa fulmer

love felt and love that double color stitching!


Love the hearts and sewing sweetie

Lindsay Obermeyer

Thanks Lisa and Dawn! Much fun to do!

Melony Bradley

Felt is perfect for Valentines Day!


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