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Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop :: My Favorite Craft

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Crocheted Collar, free pattern

"Necessity is the mother of invention." -- English Proverb

This month's theme for the Designers Craft Connection is "my favorite craft."  I've been agonizing
over this one.  I love all the crafts!   I mean really - how does one pick?!  By default of
deadline and my niece's upcoming birthday, I settled on a cute crocheted collar for her to wear
with t-shirt and jeans.  Even at 6, Margo loves to be the fashionista!  

You will need:
Bonbons Yarn: Celebrate by Lion Brand® Yarns (I used the light green and pink.)
3/4" button with shank (I used one from the Haberdashery Natural collection from Buttons Galore & More.)
size F / 3.5mm crochet hook
tapestry needle
sewing needle
pink thread

Let's Create!

Take time to check your gauge!
Work up a swatch in single crochet (sc).  You should get 5 stitches  & 6 rows to the inch.  Note: I crocheted
the yarn slightly tighter than recommended on the manufacturer's label to get the fabric I desired.

Work the collar base.
Chain 71 in the light green.  *Turn, skip the first stitch, work the rest in sc, end with a chain 1.*  Repeat
from * to * for 10 rows.  Fasten off light green.  Sew in tails using the tapestry needle.

Add the frills.
With right side facing, fasten on the pink with a slip stitch at the far right side.  Work a sc into every stitch across
the top of the collar.  When you reach the corner work 3 double crochets (dc) in the same stitch, skip the next stitch,
work one sc, skip a stitch, work one sc. In the next corner *work 5 dc in the same stitch, skip the next stitch, work
one sc, skip a stitch.*  Repeat from * to * across the bottom of the collar.  This stitch sequence forms the scallop stitch.
When you reach the third corner, finish this sequence with a 5 dc in the same stitch.  You then skip a stitch, work a sc,
skip a stitch, work 3 dc and skip a stitch.

Time for the closure loop.
You should be just 2 rows from the top of the collar.  Work a sc, chain 6, work a sc.  Turn your work and now work 14 sc 
into the loop you've formed. Fasten off the pink.  Sew in tails using the tapestry needle.

Sew on the button.
Cut a 16" length of sewing thread.  Double it over and tie a know with a long tail at the end.  Position the button opposite
the loop and sew it in place.  Tie a knot.  Sew in tails.

Block the collar. 
Pin the collar straight on your ironing board.  Lightly mist it with water and allow to dry.  


Note:  This collar was designed for a child.  To make a larger version, simply measure your neckline and multiply by 5.
For example - 16" x 5sts per inch = 80 stitches, so chain 81 to begin.  The rest is worked the same.

For more crafting fun, checkout the work in the Designer Crafts Connection webring wherever you see this logo.  Each blog is written by a designer associated with the Craft and Hobby Association.

To celebrate National Craft Month, you can enter to win a fabulous prize from Fabscraps.  (Check out their video! Just too fun!)  Just hop through the blogs and then leave a comment on whichever blogs have the technique you think will be your new favorite (of course you love crochet!) and then visit Julie McGuffee's Life in the Craft Lane blog to leave a comment there saying which technique(s) you have so many chances to win! Julie will pick a winner from all the comments in the hop at the end of March. Good luck!


This project is also featured in the Favecrafts Colorful Spring 2013 blog hop!  Check out all the other great projects. -- Note this contest is now over and was in 2013.


PS - The contest starts at midnight March 4th, so if you are reading this entry late March 3rd, come back in the morning to enter.





Love the colors on this piece-bet she loves it. Thanks for sharing

eileen hull

So cute Lindsey! I'm sure she is stylin in it :-)

Lindsay Obermeyer

Thank you Dawn and Eileen. I will be giving it to her next week. Can't wait to see her in it!


Oh that is a cute lil collar bet she loves it!!


This is so cute! Your little niece is going to look so stylish in such a pretty collar!

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