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Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop :: Wish Upon a Star Knit Baby Beanie

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Star hat 3   ©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Star hat

"It is said that the present is pregnant with the future."  --  Voltaire

This month's theme at Designer Crafts Connection is "wishes."  I can't think of a better wish than for a better and brighter future for the  children of our world.  I designed this shooting star baby cap with them in mind.

Finished size 16" / Infant 0-6 months

You will need:
Lion Brand Yarn Baby Wool in Medium Dusty Blue and Creamy Off White 
#7 (4.5mm) 16" circular knitting needles
#7 (4.5mm) double pointed knitting needles
tapestry needle
stitch markers


5 stitches = 1" / 6 rows = 1"

Stockinette: Knit every round
2x2 rib: *K2, P2* repeat from * to * ending with a P2 

Let's create!

1.  With blue, cast on 92 stitches. Join circle and place a stitch marker. Work the 2x2 rib for 1".

2.  Work stockinette stitch for the next  3.5".  Remember that when you work stockinette in the round, you are knitting every round. 

3.  When the hat measures 4.5" from the cast on edge, begin decreases to shape the crown.  Knit for 39 (44) stitches and then K2tog (knit 2 stitches together).  Knit another 39 (44) stitches and K2tog the final 2 stitches for a total of 90 stitches.  

4.  Knit another row, placing a stitch marker after every 15 (18) stitches.

5.  Shape the Crown - follow the chart changing to double pointed needles when necessary.     


6.  When 5 stitches remain on the needles, break the yarn and pull it through the stitches.  Tighten this circle and weave in the end on the inside of the hat.  Weave in all other tails.

©2013 Lindsay Obermeyer Star hat 2

7.  Cut a 24" length of cream, thread the tapestry needle and chain stitch the "tail" to your shooting star.  Weave in all ends.

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November 11,2013 Update:

Thank to Haya for catching my typo.  This hat is designed to fit 0-24 months as it will knit up at 18" in circumference.  A typical newborn beanie is 16".  I follow my grandmother's creed of  making with "room to grow."  While it will be largish on a newborn, I did test drive it with a neighbor's child and it fit fine.  The rib kept it in place on her daughter.  If you want to knit this at an approximate 16" circumference, cast on 76 stitches.  Begin decrease round and crown shaping after knitting for 5" rathe than 4.5" as the crown will be shallower and therefore the hat may not fit.When you are ready to begin star motif, decrease by 1 to 75, knit one more round  and then start star chart.  This will make a 15.2" hat which will fit a newborn, but won't allow much room for growing.  Either way, the parents will love receiving a custom-knit gift from you.



June 24 update!

 Corrections! First thank you for your enhusiasm for his pattern and for your comments.  I appreciatee it!  And I also want to thank you for your patience in waiting another response from me.  I had a stroke 4 months ago and my brain is just now able to handle the number crunching that knitting demands.  So with that said. See my pattern updates above in RED type! 

July 1, 2014

 I apologize to all for writing a pattern that has got to be one of my all time buggiest.  I made this short video for Carol.  Maybe it will help some of you too.  http://screencast.com/t/XoQeyfae



Michelle Frae cummings

This is so cute, i love the star!

Cindi Bisson

So sweet - wish I could knit and I'd make one for our neighbors new daughter!

Haya Meyerowitz

I've started to knit this but in your suggested gauge of 5 sts = 1" 92 stitches produces a hat 18 " in circumference, much too large for a 0 to 6 month old infant. The photo shows a 5 pointed star on top. Might you have used 75 stitches for the star 76 stitches in the original cast on and only knitting 2 together once before beginning shaping the crown and would that still take place 4.5 inches above the cast on edge.The crown would of course be shallower if composed of fewer stitches.

Many thanks for any light that you can cast on (no pun intended) this quandary.

Haya Meyuerowitz


I also find many patterns are using too many casted on sts. for starting baby hats....18" circumference might fit my toddler grandson....newborns head circumference isn't much more than 10"...suggest to read complete instructions before starting any knitted project!!


Very innovative ,the star is cute,inspires me to knit one for a little baby girl i.e my niece,s baby daughter.Thanks for sharing the pattern.Usha

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