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We all have our own life to pursue,
Our own kind of dream to be weaving...
And we all have the power
To make wishing come true,
As long as we keep believing.
I'm preparing for several children's textile courses this fall.  As I was doing
research, I came across this delightful cartoon of the Greek myth about Arachne
and Athena. Arachne, a mere mortal, dares to challenge the goddess Athena to
a weaving competition.  Athena is jealous of Arachne's talent and transforms her
into a spider.  It is from this myth that the word "arachnid" is derived, as well as
the condition "arachnaphobia" or fear of spiders.

Sorry Spider Man, but you have nothing on the original Spider Woman. Cultures from around the world feature spider woman myths and legends including Aztec, Hopi, Navajo and Japanese.
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