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Last minute Knit Gifts!


What is bought is cheaper than a gift.  ~Portuguese Proverb

I have an adorable high energy neice who refers to herself as a fashionista.  She is a seriously silly little girl.  And as my favorite and only neice, I wanted to make her a special handmade gift for Christmas.  A few years ago I made her a pink and purple hat with her name embroidered on it.  Given that she is still into pink and purple, I decided on making her a hot pink cowl that tucks into her jacket and keeps the winter chill out. It's also nice to wear indoors with a t-shirt.  

You will need:

#8 circular knitting needle
1 ball of worsted yarn, approx 200yds (I used Red Heart Soft)
tapestry needle

Let's Create!


4x4 rib (knit 4, purl 4 and repeat

Guage: 4 sts to the inch in stockinette on an 8.  For a firmer rib, go down a needle size or two.

Cast on 120 stitches and work in a a 4x4 rib for 10 inches.  Bind off in pattern.  Sew in all ends.  Done! This took me approximately one evening to make, so not the very last minute of vey last minute gifts to make, but doable before December 25 given that today is December 18.  And really is there anything more fun to give than something handmade and from the heart?

This would be equally cute for a boy in a tweedy brown, grey or forest green.



Eleanor Pepin

For needles, size 10 1/2 US, how many stctches should I cast on?


Elanor, It isa ll dependent on your gauge. Knit a swatch of 4x4 rib to determine the number of stitches needed. To make your swatch, cast on 36 stitches and knit for 4 inches and then write me back with how many stitches to the inch your are getting. I could give you a ball park, but as you may be a tight or loose knitter, I can't tell you for certain unless you do a gauge swatch with the yarn you are using.

Paulette Callen

In your version, what is the length of the knit-purl section. That is, how many inches are you adding to the 4 inches of the ribbing?

Paulette Callen

Please disregard previous question. I was asking about a different cowl...the link in that pattern brought me here. All very confusing.


Hi Paulette,
Were you looking for one of my patterns? I had a stroke two years ago, so I may have accidentally entered the wrong link when uploading my pattern and it wasn't caught by the editors. If so, was it green? Or fuzzy hot pink?

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