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Upcycling a CD into a Woven Coaster


We live in a disposable society. It's easier to throw things out than to fix them. We even give it a name - we call it recycling. - Neil LaBute

I don't know about you, but I have dozens of used cd's hanging around my office collecting dust. I used them quite a bit before I bought a flash drive.  Make one mistake with burning your CD and you are left with this shiny plastic circle for what seems an infinity. They have to be shipped off to recycling plants that specialize in recycling cd's.  Well, rather than recycle. Let's upcycle.  The cd makes the perfect base for a woven project.  Teachers - this project will help you to teach fractions and geometry in a fun, hands on way.They also make a great bellringer.  Just pack up each student's weaving in an individual ziplock to grab on their way into the classroom while everyones gets settled and the next lesson begins. It keeps them busy and out of mischief.  Parents - this is a great road trip project!  Just think, the kids could get all their holiday gifts made while quietly working in the car on the family vacation. Win-win!

All you need:

1 used cd
Tapestry needle
Cotton yarn ( I used leftover sugar 'n cream cotton)
Leftover bits of yarn from other projects ( Don't knit or crochet, so you don't have leftover yarn, Lion Brand makes little yarn balls of color called Bonbons.  You could also use embroidery floss, though the weaving will take yarn as floss is finer.)

Start by threading the yarn through the hole and tying it onto the cd, by making a knot. be sure the knot is tied firmly.   Trim off the tail, leaving only about 1/4 inch.

©2016-Lindsay- Obermeyer-woven-caoster2

Now you are going to warp your cd loom by wrapping thread over the circle.  


Once you have wound the warp around the the cd enough times to cover the center hole, but not so much that the line overlap, you will be ready to start weaving.

Cut a piece of yarn no longer than 18". Thread it through the needle.  Tie the yarn to the back of the cid.  Attaching it to one of the cotton warp threads.


Bring your needle up through the hole to the front and proceed to weave yarn over and under each thread.  Once you've gone full circle, you will continue weaving until you run out of color. 


When you have finished a color, you have two options.  The easy option is to just tie on the new yarn the front, but this leaves a visible knot.  The other option is weave the the tail through the bulk of what you have woven and then tie on a a new color on the back like the first color, sliding the needle up and under the weaving and begin where you left off.


Continue weaving until you reach the outer edge.  Slide your needle under all your weaving and bring it to the back and tie off.


Weaing was one of my first passions and I actually received a bachelor's degree in weaving. I am so glad to see a resurgence of interest in it.  A few other bloggers to inspire you into weaving at least one cd. 

Great school display of children's work.

Make them as dream catchers to decorate a bedroom.

Weaving becomes a project about unity and variety in terms of art and people.


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